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Sisi Dinner

Empress Elisabeth of Austria was regarded as the most beautiful woman of her age. She disregarded imperial etiquette, could ride as skilfully as any man, and there were even rumours of a tattoo  …But at the Viennese court Sisi was a bird in a golden cage and sought refuge in a world of her own creation, writing poems, obsessively cultivating her beauty, going on endurance-testing hikes – and perhaps even having passionate affairs?
An unconventional life – and, in fact, far more unconventional than many of us can imagine today.

Over a three-course gourmet dinner in an elegant and stylish setting, Wilma Pfeiffer tells the best and most incredible stories about the Empress – so enchanting, yet so very misunderstood.

 Duration: approx. 3 hours



The Sisi Dinner is held regularly in Munich in Schlosswirtschaft Schwaige (Nymphenburg Palace), and often in other restaurants with slight variations.

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What people said:


Online report by Anja – 27 September 2015, Munich

Fantastic dinner experience
The Sisi Dinner was really great. The food was delicious and the service in the restaurant was attentive, competent and very, very friendly.
But the absolute icing on the cake was the storyteller, who took us on a fascinating journey through the life of the Empress. We had wondered whether we would learn anything new, besides what we already knew from the famous Sisi films and the musical ‘Elisabeth’. But we were treated to great new stories, brilliantly performed by this superb storyteller. I would recommend the evening to anyone. 




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