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Walking with HiSTories …

The best way to get to know a city is through stories that communicate the essence of Munich and its special flair. It’s still possible to discover the soul of the city – if you know where to look.  



Munich Old Town Stories


On this walk, we find out about the secret loves of Bavaria’s royals, how easy it is to be hanged although innocent, why some of Munich’s roofs are all ears, and which ordinary houses conceal stairways to heaven. We hear stories about elephants and monkeys, evildoers and saints, and lots of other strange happenings besides.


Famous Figures from Literature and Art
Meeting Schwabing’s Bohemians in Munich

We’ve got a rendezvous with Schwabing’s smartypants – the Mann brothers, Stephan George, Oskar Panizza, Lena Christ, Oskar Maria Graf and many more. You’ll meet the Simplizissimus crew and Ludwig Thoma, famous artists Th. Th. Heine and Olaf Gulbranson, Ringelnatz, Wedekind and of course Franziska von Reventlow, the inventor of ‘Wahnmoching’. Turn-of-the-century Munich was home to over 3000 artists, and Vassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc and the Blue Rider school changed the face of art history. For two decades, Schwabing was the hub of the world.

Group Experience

These story walks are ideal for groups of visitors, company excursions and events for clubs and societies, as well as for interested individuals. They are chiefly aimed at the curious and open-minded, who may discover that there’s no need to get bogged down by a mass of dates and figures; Munich can be explored through my stories quite differently – and probably in a more absorbing and memorable way.
Just call or mail and ask for details! We will arrange the content, duration, meeting-point and exact price of your walk. And on request, we create tailored walks in line with your needs and interests.

English or Russian

Wilma Pfeiffer’s (Hi)Story Walks through Munich are also available in English or Russian. Please call or request a personal appointment to arrange the content, date and time and price. The content of the walk can be matched to the guests’ needs and interests.

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