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Storytelling lends itself to many places and many occasions.

We call it "Stories &…", and tell our stories on a walk, over a good dinner, or on an excursion. Or in your classroom. Or just as they come. After all, life is all about stories.

But of course, we don’t always just tell stories as a duo. My solo show (Pfeiffer&Solo) lets me really spread out. Stelzle takes up so much space! And when it comes to telling stories in English, I’m the one.


Solo-Perfomances for adults:


Bilingual Performances:

Bilingual tales in English/German to promote English- Language -Learning in Germany



With a degree in cultural studies, I can put my findings and my experience to good use in my storytelling. I’ve learnt to take a closer look, and because cultural history – and stories – have become my passion. And because I’ve learnt how important storytelling is for people of all ages and all sizes – great and small.


 Because of this, I now give storytelling workshops:

  • for the ‘great’, teaching them the finer points of storytelling,
  • and for the ‘small’, who get to hear lots of stories and fairy-tales as well as
    understand what dragons and witches and all those characters are all about.
  • And all of them, great and small alike, learn about what makes a great hero’s
    journey, and how to invent their very own.

I also give talks and lectures, and assist in designing exhibition concepts and curating.

I write articles and stories too. It’s quite hard to pigeonhole me – practically impossible, in fact.

Walking tours of the historic city centre

in Munich and Sisi Story dinner experience are also available in English!







Bild: Wilma Pfeiffer

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